Ollie and Emma – Chek TV feature!


One of the things that’s been the most exciting about the creation of this webseries, along with being so happy to see what we’ve been working on for so long finally come to life, is how the momentum of it is still going!  Lots of friendships were made on set and on our own social media pages everyone is still talking about it and sharing memories and photos back and forth!

We are also so grateful to have had such amazing support by Chek television here in Victoria B.C.  They helped us design our snazzy new logo, they are doing a large part of our post production and when we were on set filming at High Rock Park in Esquimalt, Gordie Tupper of Chek did interviews with our producer/director Leslie Bland, our Emma played by Chehala Leonard and our Ollie played by Michael Bell!

Click the link below to see the interview that includes a few cuts of the actual webseries!



The Ollie and Emma Gang


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