Ollie and Emma Release Date!


We are so excited to finally announce August 26th 2016 as the debut for Ollie and Emma – The Webseries.  This has been such a huge endeavor and its still not over!  Tom and Cheri would like to thank all our loyal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers…keep liking and share with your friends!!  Ollie and Emma was first conceived by Tom around April 10th back in 2014, musing over his multicultural relationships with a First Nations girl.  Cheri loved the idea and had the same experiences cross culturally dating. With adding humour, culture and Mandy along the way, the Ollie and Emma story began to take form.  We are both extremely grateful to all the help we have had along the way, especially the folks at Telus, Telus Optik Local and Less Bland Productions who have been so instrumental at bringing this dream to life!  We will be putting out more images and clips over the next few weeks so stay tuned to our social media as we get closer to the final debut!

While we’re at it here is the first teaser clip taken from the beginning of webisode one!


The Ollie and Emma Team


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